2018: THE PROPERTY – produced June 16-July 14, 2018 at The Clurman Theatre, Theatre Row, New York, NY by New Light Theater Project

2014: BREVIS – completed

2014: PROBLEM PLAY – staged reading by The Hive Theatre, New York, NY

2012: SHORT FORM – completed

2012: PROBLEM PLAY – completed

2008: A COUPLE OF KIDS FROM QUEENS – produced at Boxcar Theatre, San Francisco, CA

2003: A COUPLE OF KIDS FROM QUEENS – produced at American Theatre Of Actors, New York, NY

2003: A COUPLE OF KIDS FROM QUEENS – winner, Drury University One-Act Playwriting Competition

2002: THE PROPERTY – completed

2001: A COUPLE OF KIDS FROM QUEENS – completed

2001: TIME’S PRICE – completed

1989: WHAT THE LIGHT LIGHTS UP – reading at Hedgerow Theatre, Moylan, PA

1987: COMING FOR A VISIT – published in One-Act Plays For Acting Students

1985: WHAT THE LIGHT LIGHTS UP – completed

1985: HORACE WHIRLEY’S WOE – winner, Jacksonville (FL) University Playwriting Contest

1984: HORACE WHIRLEY’S WOE – staged reading at Berkshire Theatre Festival, Stockbridge, MA

1984: HORACE WHIRLEY’S WOE – reading at Cast Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

1983: HORACE WHIRLEY’S WOE – completed

1983: COMING FOR A VISIT – produced by The New One-Act Theatre Ensemble at Attic Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

1982: NEVER MIND THE WIND – produced at The Bare Stage, Berkeley, CA

1978: NEVER MIND THE WIND – completed

1978: COMING FOR A VISIT – workshopped at Jean Shelton Acting School, Berkeley, CA

1978: COMING FOR A VISIT – completed