Here is a sequence of events proceeding from Ben’s deepest past, at the deepest end of the page, to his nearest past at the top. This list represents an evolving context in which new work has emerged on the basis of prior engagement with thematic and dramaturgical preoccupations, together with wider considerations connected to the then-contemporary moment. Whether the force that drives this process tends toward some destination or not, it does not tend to revisit. It moves on.

2018: THE PROPERTY – produced June 16-July 14, 2018 at The Clurman Theatre, Theatre Row, New York, NY by New Light Theater Project

2014: BREVIS – completed

2014: PROBLEM PLAY; Or, REDUCTIO – staged reading by The Hive Theatre, New York, NY

2012: SHORT FORM – completed

2012: PROBLEM PLAY; Or, REDUCTIO – completed

2008: A COUPLE OF KIDS FROM QUEENS – produced at Boxcar Theatre, San Francisco, CA

2003: A COUPLE OF KIDS FROM QUEENS – produced at American Theatre Of Actors, New York, NY

2003: A COUPLE OF KIDS FROM QUEENS – winner, Drury University One-Act Playwriting Competition

2002: THE PROPERTY – completed

2001: A COUPLE OF KIDS FROM QUEENS – completed

2001: TIME’S PRICE – completed

1989: WHAT THE LIGHT LIGHTS UP – reading at Hedgerow Theatre, Moylan, PA

1987: COMING FOR A VISIT – published in One-Act Plays For Acting Students

1985: WHAT THE LIGHT LIGHTS UP – completed

1985: HORACE WHIRLEY’S WOE – winner, Jacksonville (FL) University Playwriting Contest

1984: HORACE WHIRLEY’S WOE – staged reading at Berkshire Theatre Festival, Stockbridge, MA

1984: HORACE WHIRLEY’S WOE – reading at Cast Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

1983: HORACE WHIRLEY’S WOE – completed

1983: COMING FOR A VISIT – produced by The New One-Act Theatre Ensemble at Attic Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

1982: NEVER MIND THE WIND – produced at The Bare Stage, Berkeley, CA

1978: NEVER MIND THE WIND – completed

1978: COMING FOR A VISIT – workshopped at Jean Shelton Acting School, Berkeley, CA

1978: COMING FOR A VISIT – completed

1978: The advent of Ben Josephson, playwright